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  • Photo of Master of International Public Affairs student Ben Vargas

    Ben Vargas, MIPA

    "I was drawn to the Accelerated MIPA program when I learned that I could gain skills and earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years by the age of 22."

  • Photo of Jessie Martin

    Jessie Martin, MPA

    "While shaping and improving public policy is still a major interest of mine, I took an increasing interest in how government policies and programs are administered."

  • Photo of Elizabeth Johnson

    Elizabeth Johnson, MPA, MPH

    "If you are looking to create a better future for yourself or the world, you will have the opportunity to learn how to do that here at La Follette."

  • Photo of Liliana Keomanivong Teniente

    Liliana Keomanivong Teniente, MPA

    "As a true believer in 'The Wisconsin Idea,' I have always sought to take my own learning beyond the boundaries of this campus, help others, and create positive change."

  • Nichole Springer is a Master of International Public Affairs student.

    Nichole Springer, MIPA

    "One of the most rewarding experiences at La Follette is being surrounded by a great cohort. Their talent, passion, and hard work also lifts me up as I continue to study."

  • Jean Vilbert wears glasses and a suit, standing in front of a leafy background.

    Jean Vilbert, MIPA, MA

    "After two years as a Badger, I learned that the University of Wisconsin is not just another university but an institution with something different to offer."

  • John O'Malley stands in front of a leafy green background wearing a suit.

    John O’Malley, MIPA

    "My status as an accelerated student has allowed me to apply for numerous internships that I otherwise would have never had access to."

  • La Follette School student Migena Vula stands in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol building.

    Migena Vula, JD-MIPA

    "I am very much fascinated with both law and public policy — especially the interplay of the two. As such, pursuing the dual degree was an easy choice."

  • Photo of Sam Schneider

    Sam Schneider, MPA

    "During COVID I had a lot of time to reflect on the importance of public policy and was inspired to get involved to make a larger impact on society."

  • Photo of Sarah Nesci

    Sarah Nesci, MPA

    I spent a year working at a rural homeless shelter in Colorado. This experience sparked my desire to work in policy, specifically housing and welfare policy. I am hoping to use my MPA to help make housing more accessible for everyone.

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