Doherty, Kathleen

Kathleen is a lecturer with over 30 years of public and non-profit sectors experience.

Doyle, Jim

Gov. Jim Doyle served as the 44th governor of Wisconsin, from 2003 to 2011. Gov. Doyle is a national leader in healthcare, energy, natural resources, biotechnology, and other areas. He has worked closely high-ranking administration officials and other governors. 

Ervin, Roger

Roger Ervin is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Affairs and an accomplished global operating executive with experience in the public and private sectors.

Kulig, Steven

Steven Kulig (MPA ’14) was named associate director of the La Follette School in May 2018 – two years after returning to his alma mater as the school’s administrator and career services coordinator.

Michaud, Mary Davis

Mary Davis Michaud joined the La Follette School in October 2020 to teach courses, advise undergraduate students, and develop new curricula in public policy.