Income Maintenance Program Administration Funding in Wisconsin: A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment

Income maintenance (IM) programs such as Medicaid and FoodShare require extensive case processing and ongoing management to ensure that low-income individuals and families receive the benefits they need. The costs of supporting a large staff, providing equipment, and paying for office space can quickly add up. This report analyzes costs and funding sources of IM program administration in Wisconsin, incorporating fiscal data collection and interviews with financial managers. Main findings from this analysis include differences in financial reporting practices across the state, trends in costs and funding sources, and several challenges of IM program administration. Based on these findings, the authors recommend improved data collection, uniform financial reporting across the state, and consolidation of funding sources.


  • Course: Spring 2019 Workshop in Public Affairs, PA 869, taught by J. Michael Collins
  • Authors:  Emily Frank, Patrick Landers, Amy Maniola, Kassandra Martinchek, Hannah Stephens
  • Client: Wisconsin County Human Service Association

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