Design and Implementation Considerations for a Children’s Savings Account Program in Richland County, Wisconsin

A team of partners informed by Extension Richland County plans to establish a children’s savings account (CSA) program for children born at The Richland Hospital in Richland County, Wisconsin. These programs facilitate the creation of an account that holds funds designated for a child’s post-secondary education expenses. Extension Richland County and partners have completed several planning activities for establishing their CSA program. However, some decisions have not yet been made. Therefore, Extension Richland County asked for a report that presents design and implementation considerations for a CSA program in Richland County and similar Wisconsin communities. This report documents current planning progress for the CSA program, identifies potential next steps, and offers considerations for those next steps.


  • Course: Spring 2019 Workshop in Public Affairs, PA 869, taught by J. Michael Collins
  • Authors:  Chet Edelman, Jennifer Johnson, David Singer, Craig Vruwink, Liz White
  • Client: Chelsea Wunnicke, Extension Richland County

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