Revitalizing Procurement: Innovative Solutions and Recommendations for Milwaukee County

Public procurement refers to the purchase of goods, services, and works by government or state-owned enterprises. The Milwaukee County Procurement Division is responsible for sustaining many of the County’s operations through the purchase or contract of supplies, materials, equipment, and contractual services—over $120 million annually. Given this critical role that the Milwaukee County Procurement Division plays, it must ensure that it is operating efficiently and utilizing public resources judiciously. This report identifies gaps between current practices of the Milwaukee County Procurement Division and industry best practices, as well as specific aspects of procurement that can be improved upon within the division’s structure. We provide recommendations for the Milwaukee County Procurement Division to increase organizational efficiency and innovate its practices to become a leader in public procurement.


  • Course: Spring 2019 Workshop in Public Affairs, PA 869, taught by J. Michael Collins
  • Authors:  Logan Enke, Amanda Hejna, Benjamin McBride, Madeline Morgan, Kyle Stanley
  • Client: Milwaukee County Procurement Division

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