Housing Siting Criteria and Development Strategies for the Fox Cities and Greater Outagamie County Region

The Fox Cities/Greater Outagamie County Region has grown significantly in recent years, and projections point to this continuing in the decades ahead. Housing development lags behind population growth, indicated by increasingly costly rent and mortgage payments for residents. Land use regulations can help facilitate housing development, but policies need to be targeted. To further assist the Outagamie County Department of Development and Land Services, this report examines the community’s housing landscape and provides a decision-making framework to identify areas best suited for affordable housing development. To illustrate how to utilize this framework, the report selects three specific areas of focus for housing development—Appleton, Little Chute, and Seymour—and recommends land use policies that can enhance housing development.

Policy brief (pdf)


  • Course: Spring 2022 Workshop in Public Affairs, PA 869, taught by J. Michael Collins
  • Authors: Jack Connors, Ethan Kenney, Jessie Martin, Matthew Voss
  • Client: Outagamie County Department of Development and Land Services

Download report (pdf)