Minjung Jun, MIPA

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Gwangju, South Korea

Undergraduate education

Bachelor’s degree in international trade, Chosun University

Professional/research interests

International trade policy and climate change, the role of international organizations

Expected graduation date

May 2024

Why a MIPA?

I interned at Keeper Security Inc. and the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, which involved market analysis and trade assistance tasks for small and midsize enterprises, enriching my expertise in international market dynamics and customer relations. Voluntary activities like serving as an interpreter at international events and aiding in humanitarian efforts further underscored my commitment to international communications. Academic achievements such as winning an English presentation contest on international trade and earning a full government scholarship are testaments to my academic prowess and dedication to the field.

Career goals

After completing my MIPA degree at the La Follette School, I plan to apply for a PhD to continue my studies in global markets with a focus on the Asian market, aspiring to become an international trade policy expert. My goal is to serve as a consultant for trade and economic policies of developing countries, contributing to global economic development and international trade relations​​​​.


I was a project assistant for Professor Menzie Chinn at the La Follette School from August 2022 to May 2023, conducting research on Belt and Road Initiatives and interest rates for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, which included data analysis, information gathering, and synthesizing findings. This role, which combined my interests in international affairs and economic policies, was a step towards building a strong foundation in understanding public policy on an international scale.

Since August 2023, I have been a teaching assistant for first-year Korean students. I am responsible for conducting group discussions and one-on-one sessions to improve students’ language skills and organizing extracurricular activities to promote cultural understanding of the Korean language.

Most challenging La Follette experience

For me, the biggest challenge was moving from an Asian to an American educational institution due to cultural differences in educational systems, teaching methods, and academic expectations.

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