Sauk County Adult Treatment Court and Substance Use Diversion Program: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

This report provides a cost-benefit analysis of the Sauk County Adult Treatment Court (ATC) and the Substance Use Diversion and Support program (SUDS). The ATC and SUDS programs aim to break the cycle of substance abuse and crime through evidence-based practices. The ATC program is designed for high-risk and high-need individuals who have been convicted of an offense, have already gone through the typical court process, and have been convicted. The SUDS program is for those of lower risk and high need who have not been convicted but may have been recently arrested or recommended to the program.

As both programs had already been implemented, this ex-post cost-benefit analysis examines the counterfactual of what would have happened if ATC and SUDS were never implemented.


  • Course: Cost-Benefit Analysis Public Affairs 881 taught by Morgan Edwards, Fall 2022
  • Authors: Megan Feeley, Spencer Johnson, Makayla Pesch, Megan Shaw, and Nichole Springer
  • Client: Amanda Hanson; Justice, Diversion, and Support Programs Manager; Sauk County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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