Air Source Heat Pumps for Residential Space Heating in Wisconsin: A Cost–Benefit Analysis

Within this report, students conduct a cost-benefit analysis on residential heat-pump adoption for clients Elevate, Slipstream, and the Center for Energy and Environment. Students were presented with four scenarios where a home would transition from an initial residential heating source to a heat pump-based system. With the exception of households starting with natural gas boilers, heat pump adoption created net benefits for the households. Based on these results, the student team recommends that clients support actions to incentivize heat-pump adoption in Wisconsin. Due to equity concerns, they also recommend that such support be paired with aid for tribal and rural residents to transition away from wood heating.


  • Course: Cost-Benefit Analysis Public Affairs 881 taught by Morgan Edwards, Fall 2022
  • Authors: Ariana Hammersmith, Samantha Jurvich, Bailie Neary, and Kaitryn Olson
  • Clients: Elevate, Slipstream, and the Center for Energy and Environment

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