Health Facility Electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Importance of Electricity Access for Public Health

The United States Agency for International Development established Power Africa in 2013 to increase access to cleaner and more reliable electricity generation in sub-Saharan Africa. Lack of access to electricity presents specific challenges for the public health sector in the region, as health facilities are often unable to provide safe and quality care with such limited resources. This report investigates the relationship between access to electricity and public health outcomes and identifies the most economically efficient countries in sub-Saharan Africa for immediate investment. Based on this analysis, the authors recommend investment prioritization of countries that are highest-need and least cost-prohibitive, expansion of mobile health systems for increased data collection, and additional efforts toward a larger and more rigorous research intervention to offer more empirical evidence on this pressing issue.

Policy brief (pdf)


  • Course: Spring 2022 Workshop in Public Affairs, PA 869, taught by Greg Nemet
  • Authors: Muhammed Fofana, Stephanie Liechty, Matt Marcus, Jean Vilbert Pereira
  • Client: United States Agency for International Development and Power Africa

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