Increasing Transparency in the Extractive Industries in Cambodia

This report analyzes the regulatory framework for the extractive industries in Cambodia. It uses several non-governmental sources to estimate the revenue amount that the government should be collecting and compares that estimate with the government’s stated amount. The purpose of this data analysis is to determine if there is a difference between the estimate and the actual revenue collected.

The authors found that there is significant uncertainty in the data, which calls the government-reported revenue into question. Based on our findings, the authors provide three recommendations to increase transparency for extractive concessions in Cambodia. These recommendations are for Open Development Cambodia to lobby the government to make key improvements to the Ministry of Mines and Energy website, for the Cambodian government to create legislation clarifying the extractive concessions process, and for Cambodia to join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and work toward compliance with the EITI standard.

Policy brief (pdf)


  • Authors: Mathew Attipetty, Lucas Knight, Jennifer Morzfeld, and Phelan Simkus
  • Client: Open Development Cambodia
  • Course: Spring 2023 Workshop in Public Affairs, PA 860, taught by Greg Nemet

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