WisPolitics discussion on health policy features Durrance

Christine Durrance

La Follette School Associate Professor Christine Durrance will participate on a WisPolitics panel discussion about possible post-election changes to healthcare at noon Thursday, Nov. 12.

Wisconsin Deputy Insurance Commissioner Nathan Houdek, Professor Daniel Sem of Concordia University, and G. William Hoagland of the Bipartisan Policy Center also will participate. The one-hour discussion moderated by WisPolitics President Jeff Mayers is free; however, registration is required for access.

On Nov. 10, the Supreme Court will take up the latest challenge to the ACA, which asks if the individual insurance mandate is unconstitutional without a tax penalty and, if not, whether the rest of the ACA can survive.

Durrance is an applied microeconomist concentrating in health economics and policy. Her work includes a focus on maternal, infant, and reproductive health; risky behavior (e.g., substance use and violence); and the legal and policy environment.

Since January 2019, Houdek has served as the chief operating officer for the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance. He has nearly two decades of experience in and around Wisconsin state government and has worked on health insurance policy and regulatory issues in the public and private sectors.

Hoagland helps direct and manage fiscal, health, and economic policy analyses at the Bipartisan Policy Center. He has three decades of federal government service, including 25 years on the U.S. Senate staff.

Sem received a doctorate in biochemistry from UW–Madison and a master’s degree in business administration and law degree from Marquette University. He also is director of Rx Think Tank and author of Purple Solutions: A Bipartisan Roadmap to Better Healthcare in America.