Nemet to serve as interim director in spring

Portrait of Greg NemetDuring the spring semester, Professor Greg Nemet will serve as interim director of the La Follette School while Susan Webb Yackee is on sabbatical. Nemet, whose research focuses on the process of technological change in energy and its interactions with public policy, joined the school in 2007.

Nemet will lead the La Follette School as it begins a year-long celebration of the school’s 40th anniversary. As part of the celebration, the school will hold a new La Follette School Spring Spotlight event in April, as well as a number of town halls and events focused on civil discussions and talking across differences in the months leading up to the fall elections.

“I’m excited to have a role in this important moment in the history of the La Follette School,” says Nemet.

The La Follette School also plans to hire a total of five new faculty members in 2024, and Nemet will take the lead on several of the faculty recruitments. Recruitment is currently underway for faculty positions focused on social genomics and health, and poverty and public policy. In early 2024, La Follette will hold job talks for a faculty member focused on leadership and two faculty members whose research centers on science and technology.

“I am grateful to Greg for his leadership in moving the critical work of School, including our faculty recruitments, forward while I am on sabbatical,” says Yackee. “The School is in excellent hands.”

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