Certificate student Sadie Goettl named WI Honey Queen

As the state’s 2024 Honey Queen, certificate in public policy student Sadie Goettl works as a promoter, educator, ambassador, and spokesperson for the Wisconsin HoneyPortrait of Sadie Goettl wearing Honey Queen crown and sash Producers Association. During her reign, Goettl will travel throughout the state sharing positive and educational messages about honeybees and their importance to Wisconsin agriculture.

Goettl’s favorite part of her role is the ability to share her passion with others. “Many people do not come from a production agriculture background, and I love being able to help consumers become more knowledgeable about where their food comes from,” she says. To achieve her status as queen, Goettl completed an extensive interview process with the association, in addition to creating marketing and educational presentations on beekeeping.

In addition to pursuing an agricultural business and management degree, Goettl chose to pursue a certificate in public policy because of her interest in politics and the exploration of potential careers in policy. One of Goettl’s greatest achievements as Honey Queen has been the opportunity to speak to several senators about food labeling bills surrounding the honey industry.

“I have a strong passion for the agricultural industry—specifically the beekeeping sector—because of its vast impact on daily life.” Goettl says. “Roughly one third of crops require pollination and honeybees pollinate 80% of those crops. Without honeybees, we wouldn’t have many of the foods we see today.” Top commodities in Wisconsin like cranberries, snap beans, or dairy could not be produced without the help of honeybees. The beekeeping industry has roughly a $20 billion impact on the country’s economy, notes Goettl.

“One of my long-term goals as Honey Queen is to share my knowledge with as many people as possible,” Goettl says. In the future, she aspires to continue being a positive advocate for the agriculture industry while pursuing a career in policy as a public relations specialist or working in marketing or sales.

– Story by Clare Brogan

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