An introduction to the La Follette School Student Association

Student association board members stand next to a sign for the La Follette School.
Pictured from left to right, LSSA Executive Board: Dominique Villaseñor, Lauri Asbury, Andrew Zaiser, Matthew Akins, Carlos Puga, Johanna Schmidt. Not pictured: Doniqua Smith, Amelia Lowe, and Casey Hanson.

The La Follette School Student Association (LSSA) is a student organization that strives to maintain and improve the academic, social, and professional qualities of life for La Follette School students and to advocate and uplift all students at UW–Madison. La Follette School graduate students make up the membership of the group and annually elect the LSSA Executive Board. LSSA meets regularly during the academic year and hosts opportunities ranging from academic to social events open to all UW–Madison students.

LSSA is focused on fostering community, recognizing and highlighting student accomplishments, and providing support to students throughout their time at the La Follette School. The La Follette School community is foundational to the success of the school. LSSA attests that in unity there is strength, and together we can accomplish so much more than we would alone.

The 2023-2024 academic year is an exciting time for the La Follette School and LSSA. Many school initiatives pertaining to DEI and student success are coming to fruition as students, faculty, and staff are taking new and innovative approaches toward their implementation. These advancements are only possible because of the time and efforts dedicated by students and alumni. LSSA is determined to build on previous efforts and advance our La Follette community this upcoming year.

LSSA’s goals are rooted in student advocacy, wellness, and success. The group strives to extend its influence beyond the UW–Madison campus to impact communities throughout the state of Wisconsin. The virtue of public service is held in high esteem by all LSSA members. Such values are essential to advance the knowledge of public affairs and the application of that knowledge to the needs of Wisconsin and our respective communities.

The LSSA Executive Board encourages new students to get involved with LSSA and our La Follette School community. If you have any questions about LSSA or would like to be involved, please send a message to President Carlos Puga (

— Written by Carlos Puga, JD/MPA student and La Follette School Student Association President

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