Student Association

The La Follette School Student Association (LSSA) hosts social events, coordinates and raises funds for the graduation celebration, provides input on the Master of Public Affairs and Master of International Public Affairs programs, and connects students with alumni and community service opportunities.

LSSA’s purpose is to maintain and improve the academic, social, and professional qualities of life for La Follette School graduate students. The Association’s Executive Board is elected by La Follette School graduate students and meets regularly during the academic year.

We encourage new students to get involved in LSSA events.


If you have any questions about LSSA or would like to be involved, please send a message to President Carlos Puga.

Email President Carlos Puga

Board members

Select a board member to learn about their responsibilities as part of LSSA.

Carlos Puga

Credentials: President

Caroline Corona

Credentials: Secretary

Ryan Ring

Credentials: Treasurer

Gretchen Allman

Credentials: Fundraising Coordinator

Courtney Clark

Credentials: Community Service and Outreach Coordinator

Annalisa Solis

Credentials: Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator

Erin Kennon

Credentials: Graduation Coordinator

Luis Navarrete

Credentials: Social Coordinator

Breylnn Bille

Credentials: DEI Standing Committee Representative

Richmond Panford

Credentials: International Student Coordinator

Previous board members

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President: Carlos Puga

Vice President: Luis Navarrete

Treasurer: Matthew Atkins

Secretary: Josh Owens

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators: Dominique Villaseñor, Summer Mitchell

DEI Standing Committee Representatives: Jalayna Miles, Brelynn Bille

Community Service and Outreach Coordinator: Johanna Schmidt

Social Coordinator: Andrew Zaiser

Graduation Coordinators: Amelia Lowe, Erin Kennon

Fundraising Coordinators: Lauri Asbury, Julia Sikowitz Lee


President: Amelia Wagner

Vice President: Muhammad Rehan

Treasurer: Adam Riley

Secretary: Liliana Keomanivong Teniente

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators: Gabriel Terrell, Dominique Villaseñor

Community Service and Outreach Coordinators: Jacob Boelter, Johanna Schmidt

Social Coordinators: Ariana Hammersmith, Mary Baumgartner

Graduation Coordinators: Natalia Borowska, Amelia Lowe

Fundraising Coordinators: Elizabeth Johnson, Anthony Gabriel Carreño


President: Dana Nielsen

Vice President: Amelia Wagner

Treasurer: Ian Pearson

Secretary: Cartecia Lawrence

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators: Indu Kilaru, Gabriel Terrell

Community Service and Outreach Coordinators: Kelsey Gordon, Jon Paul Bechard

Social Coordinators: Lew Blank, Stephanie Mertens

Graduation Coordinators: Katie Pollock, Natalia Borowska

Fundraising Coordinators: Anna Sucsy, Elizabeth Johnson


President: Mitch McFarlane

Vice President: Dana Nielsen

Treasurer: Eric Mueller

Secretary: Sarah Ebben

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators: Toni Sopukeeva and Indu Kilaru

Community Service and Outreach Coordinators: Alyssa Dooley and Kelsey Gordon

Social Coordinators: Genevieve Caffrey and Lew Blank

Graduation Coordinators: Seth Roca and Katie Pollock

Fundraising Coordinators: Tamanna Akram and Anna Sucsy


President: Mike Wieczorek

Vice President: Mitchell McFarlane

Treasurer: Benjamin Olneck-Brown

Secretary: Eleanor Pratt

Diversity and Inclusion Officers: Shireen Ohadi-Hamadani, Toni Sopukeeva

Community Service and Outreach Coordinators: Hannah Stewart, Alyssa Dooley

Social Coordinators: John Holland, Genevieve Caffrey

Graduation Coordinators: Jackson Parr, Sarah Ebben

Fundraising Coordinators: Michael Zell, Tamanna Akram


President: Jennifer Johnson

Vice President: Mike Wieczorek

Treasurer: Hannah Stephens

Secretary: Claire Zautke

Diversity and Inclusion Officers: Nathaniel Haack, Shireen Ohadi-Hamadani

Community Service and Outreach Coordinators: Chris Webb, Hannah Stewart

Social Coordinators: Amanda Hejna, John Holland

Graduation Coordinators: Nikolai Kapustin, Jackson Parr

Fundraising Coordinators: Kyle Stanley, Michael Caniglia


President: Chris Meyers

Treasurer: Mia Nafziger

Secretary: Elgin Karls

Diversity and Inclusion Officer: Sangeetha Shreedaran

Community Service and Outreach Coordinator: Morgan Pair

Social Coordinator: Dominic Habjan

Graduation Coordinator: Casey Hutchinson

Fund-Raising Coordinator: Matthew Burr

Faculty/Program Liaison: Ryan LeCloux


President: Chris Stassel

Treasurer: Mitch Running

Secretary: Anna Brunner

Community Service and Outreach Coordinator: Kirsten Jacobson

Social Coordinator: Miranda Ehrlich

Graduation Coordinator: Karina Virrueta

Fund-Raising Coordinator: Michael Bonino-Britsch

Faculty/Program Liaison: Julianna Stohs


President: Drew Curtis

Secretary: Michael Pearson

Treasurer: Alisha Bower

Program Liason: Tim Williams

Fundraising Coordinator: Adam Johnson

Volunteer Event Coordinator: Nick Lardinois

Graduation Coordinator: Falon French

Social Event Coordinator: Lindsay Garber


President: Carl Christiansen

Secretary: Scott Wood

Treasurer: Tyrel Zich

Fundraising Coordinator: Alex Straka

Alumni Coordinator: Ben Emmel

Faculty/Program Liaison: Don Eggert

Graduation Co-Coordinator: Forrest McKnight

Social Co-Coordinator: Mallory Palmer

Community Service and Outreach Co-Coordinator: Gabby Elzinga


President: Steve Kulig

Vice Presidents: Carl Christiansen, Scott Wood

Secretary: Maria Toniolo

Treasurer: Amanda Wilmarth

Fundraising Coordinator: Malika Taalbi

Program Liaison: Katie Lorenze

Social Coordinators: Steph Mabrey, Andrew Behm

Community Service and Outreach Coordinators: Lacee Koplin, Tahira Chaudary

Alumni Coordinator: Joe Dvorak

Graduation Coordinators: Anne Gargano Ahmed, Forrest McKnight


President: Phil Sletten

Vice President: Dan Marlin

Secretary: Kelsey Hill

Treasurer: Bryan Miller

Fund-Raising Coordinator: Andrew Walsh

Program Liaison: Sam Shannon

Social Coordinators: Becky Chown and Steph Mabrey

Community Service and Outreach Coordinators: Selina Eadie, Malika Taalbi

Alumni Coordinator: Steven Kulig

Graduation Coordinators: Miriam Palmer, Anne Gargano Ahmed


President: Katherine Sydor

Vice President: Justin Rabbach

Treasurer: HJ Waukau

Secretary: Rachel Johnson

Alumni Coordinator: Hope Harvey

Volunteer Coordinator: Susanna Rasmussen

Social Coordinator: Katie Kruse

Graduation Coordinators: Alissa Quade, Angela Rampton

Fundraising Coordinator: Pete Braden

Program Liaison: Noah Natzke


President: Erika Jones

Vice President: Sylvia Fredericks

Secretary: Christine Durkin

Treasurer: Jen Winter

Fundraising Coordinator: Sarah Hurley

Social Coordinator: Emily Ley

Program Liaison: Adam Hartung

Alumni Coordinator: Kristina Krull

Community Service and Outreach Coordinator: Lara Rosen

Graduation Coordinators: Sara Kock, Monica Wedgewood


President: Emily Plagman

Vice President: Holden Weisman

Treasurer: Jami Crespo

Secretary: Stephanie Chase

Community Service and Outreach Coordinator: Becky McAtee

Alumni Coordinator: Nate Inglis Steinfeld

Fundraising Coordinator: Allie Bagnall

Social Coordinator: Ian Ritz

Graduation Coordinators: Sarah Wainscott, Scott Williams

Program Liaison: Erika Cheng


President: Lindsay Read

Vice President: Lauren Benditt

Treasurer: Lilly Shields

Secretary: Alison Patz

Program Liaison: Dan Bush

Fund-Raising Coordinator: Jeramia Cibulka

Community Service and Outreach Coordinator: Maggie Carden

Social Coordinator: Catherine Hall

Alumni Coordinator: Andy McGuire

Graduation Coordinators: Gail Krumenauer, Tom Robinson


President: Joe Fontaine

Vice President: Sam Austin

Secretary: Katie Davis

Treasurer: Natalie Feggestad

Alumni Chair: Alexis MacDonald

Community Service Chair: Kim Zamastil

Faculty Chair: Emily Engel

Fundraising Chair: Arla Dauscher

Graduation Co-Chairs: Katie Miskell, Shayna Hetzel

MIPA Chair: Carrie Traud

Social Chair: Jennie Mauer


President: Julius Svoboda

Vice President: Callie Gray

Secretary: Kelly Krupa Rifelj

Treasurer: Aditya Chandraghatgi

Alumni Liaison: Kate Clark

Community Service Chair: Jen Blonn

Faculty Liaison: Dani Fumia

Fundraising Chair: Lamont Smith

MIPA Liaison: Louisa Kennedy

Social Co-Chairs: Liz Elwart, Eric Larson


President: Jennifer Leavitt-Moy

Vice President: Carrie Schneck

Treasurer: Jacque Dullin

Secretary: Jamie Aulik

Faculty Liaison: Jenna Griffin

Alumni Committee Chair: Karina Silver

Community Service Committee Chair: (Stephen) Craig Johnson

Social Committee Co-Chairs: Jeff Sartin, Kyle Weatherly

International Committee Chair: Rachel D. Howard

Graduation Chair: Martha Kraetsch