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  • Photo of Karina Virrueta Running holding her son, Roman.

    Karina Virrueta Running, MPA ’17

    "The workshop course was as challenging as it was rewarding. I also made lasting friendships with my peers and the professors."

  • Photo of Hilary Shager

    Hilary Shager, MPA ’05

    "La Follette is the epitome of the Wisconsin Idea. And it’s certainly not just about Wisconsin—the staff and faculty have done so much to connect students with alumni and new, real-world opportunities."

  • Photo of Sophia Rogers

    Sophia Rogers, MPA ’19

    "La Follette has prepared and empowered all of us to do amazing things."

  • Photo of Muhammed Fofana.

    Muhammed Fofana, MPA ’22

    "The client-based project was one of my favorite experiences at La Follette. I worked with a great team of faculty, client, and classmates."

  • Photo of Jess Rutstein

    Jess Rutstein, MPA ’20

    Alum Jess Rutstein works as a FoodShare Program and policy analyst for the WI Department of Health Services.

  • Photo of Ryan LeCloux

    Ryan LeCloux, MIPA ’18

    "The small cohort size really allows you to get to know your classmates and interact with the faculty."

  • Photo of Yixuan Cheng

    Yixuan Cheng, MIPA, MPH ’21

    "The small class size and ability to gain quantitative skills also drew me to the La Follette School since I had limited experience with them as an undergraduate."

  • Photo of Mikhaila Calice

    Mikhaila Calice, MPA ’19

    "I am extremely grateful for how flexible the program is. Its design allows students to craft a curriculum that suits their own specialties."

  • Photo of Nikolai Kapustin

    Nikolai Kapustin, MIPA ’19

    "The La Follette School has a professional-oriented curriculum that focuses on giving you an applicable skillset and list of experiences that will make you a desirable candidate in future applications."

  • Profile photo of Victor Alda Escalona

    Victor Escalona Aldana, MPA ’21

    "My client-based projects gave me useful real-world experience that can be transferred to other settings."

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