Affiliate Faculty

Many faculty members across the University of Wisconsin–Madison are also affiliated with the La Follette School and help teach our students.

Lawrence M. Berger, Professor of Social Work

Rikhil R. Bhavnani, Associate Professor of Political Science

Barry C. Burden, Professor of Political Science; Director of Elections Research Center, Lyons Family Chair in Electoral Politics

Marguerite E. Burns, Associate Professor of Population Health Science

Marcia Carlson, Professor of Sociology, Director Center for Demography and Ecology

Katherine Cramer, Professor of Political Science; Faculty Director of University of Wisconsin Survey Center’s Badger Poll

Jeremy D. Foltz, Professor and Chair of the Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics

Tiffany Green, Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Kathryn Hendley, William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Political Science

Yoshiko M. Herrera, Professor of Political Science, PI & Director UW-Madison Partnership with Nazarbayev University

Jenny A. Higgins, Professor, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

Nicholas Hillman, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis; Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs

Benoy Jacob, Director of the Community Development Institute, Division of Extension, UW-Madison

Malia Jones, Assistant Scientist, Applied Population Laboratory

Carolyn J. Kelley, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Associate Dean, School of Education

Cecelia Klingele, Associate Professor of Law

Heinz J. Klug, Evjue Bascom Professor of Law; Director of the Global Legal Studies Center

Rasmus Lentz, Professor of Economics

Michael T. Light, Associate Professor of Sociology & Chicano/Latino Studies

Katherine Magnuson, Professor of Social Work; Director, Institute for Research on Poverty

Benjamin Marquez, Professor of Political Science

Michael A. Massoglia, Romnes Professor of Sociology

Kenneth R. Mayer, Professor of Political Science

Corina Mommaerts, Assistant Professor of Economics

John Mullahy, Professor of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health

Jennifer L. Noyes, Vice Provost for Academic Operations

Thomas Oliver, Professor of Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Public Health; Director of the Health Policy Program at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute; Director of Master of Public Health Program

Ryan Owens, Professor of Political Science; Director, Tommy Thompson Center on Public Leadership

Jonathan Patz, Professor of Environmental Studies and Population Health Sciences; Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment; Director of Global Health Institute

Seth Pollak, College of Letters and Science Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology and Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Director, Child Emotion Research Laboratory, Waisman Center

Nils Ringe, Professor of Political Science
Director, Center for European Studies, Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Adena R. Rissman, Professor, Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Stephanie A. Robert, Professor of Social Work; Director of School of Social Work; Co-Director Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholars Program

Joel Rogers, Noam Chomsky Professor of Law, Political Science, Public Affairs and Sociology

Hilary Shager, Associate Director of Programs and Management, Institute for Research on Poverty

Mark Sidel, Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs

Jeffrey Smith, Associate Director, Research And Training, Institute For Research On Poverty
Professor, Paul T. Heyne Distinguished Chair In Economics

Justin R. Sydnor, Leslie P. Schultz Professor in Risk Management and Insurance, and associate professor in the Department of Risk and Insurance at the Wisconsin School of Business

Steph Tai, Professor of Law

Michael Wagner, Professor, UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Jason Webb Yackee, Professor of Law