Copelovitch, Mark

Mark Copelovitch is a Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs.

Chinn, Menzie

Menzie Chinn is Professor of public affairs and economics. His research examines the empirical and policy aspects of macroeconomic interactions between countries.

Pevehouse, Jon

Professor Jon Pevehouse’s research interests lie in international relations, international political economy, U.S. foreign policy, international organizations, and political methodology.

Nemet , Gregory

Gregory Nemet is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s La Follette School of Public Affairs. His research focuses on understanding the process of technological change and the ways in which public policy can affect it.

Barnes, Mariel

Mariel Barnes is an Assistant Professor of public affairs.

Johnson, Tana

Tana Johnson’s work is driven by big puzzles in international relations and by important problems in the real world.

Lei, Zhenhuan (Reed)

Assistant Professor Reed Lei’s research focuses on comparative political economy, authoritarian politics, and Chinese politics.

Wang, Yang

Associate Professor Yang Wang’s primary research interests are in applied microeconomics, health economics, and applied econometrics.