Wolfe, Barbara

Barbara Wolfe is the Richard A. Easterlin Professor of Economics, Population Health Sciences, and Public Affairs and Faculty Affiliate at the Institute for Research on Poverty. Her research focuses broadly on poverty and health issues.

Fletcher, Jason

Jason Fletcher is a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Public Affairs with appointments in Sociology, Applied Economics and Population Health Sciences.

Weimer , David L.

David Weimer is the Edwin E. Witte Professor of Political Economy. His research focuses broadly on policy craft and institutional design. Although most of his recent research has addressed issues in health policy, he has done policy-relevant research in the areas of energy security, natural resource policy, education, criminal justice, and research methods.

Collins, J. Michael

J. Michael Collins is Professor of Public Affairs and Human Ecology where he is Fetzer Family Chair in Consumer and Personal Finance. Collins serves as Faculty Director of the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Center for Financial Security.

Wang, Yang

Associate Professor Yang Wang’s primary research interests are in applied microeconomics, health economics, and applied econometrics.

Schmitz, Lauren

Lauren Schmitz’s research utilizes social, genomic, and epigenomic data from population-based longitudinal studies to examine how inequalities in the social environment shape disparities in health and socioeconomic attainment across the life course.

Durrance, Christine

Christine Piette Durrance is an Associate Professor of Public Affairs. As an applied microeconomist, she concentrates in health economics and policy.

Jacobs, Lindsay

Lindsay Jacobs is an Assistant Professor of Public Affairs. She specializes in labor economics, with an emphasis on older populations.