Improving Outcomes in Wisconsin’s Youth Justice System Post-Pandemic: Fines, Fees, and Community Supervision

Health concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic led to creative changes in youth justice practice and a significant reduction in Wisconsin’s youth justice population. Youth justice policymakers and practitioners now have the opportunity to maintain and continue this decrease. This report reviews the literature on fines, fees, and community supervision; highlights best practices from other parts of the country; and reports on seven Wisconsin counties’ practices. This research informs five key recommendations that can streamline and improve fines, fees and community supervision practices, and best support youth and their families throughout Wisconsin.


  • Course: Spring 2021 Workshop in Public Affairs, PA 869, taught by J. Michael Collins
  • Authors: Genevieve Caffrey, Anna Barry, Reanna Durbin-Matrone, Manpreet Kaur, Lindsey Starrett
  • Client: Youth Justice Wisconsin and Kids Forward

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