Evaluation Criteria for DFC Advisory Firms

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) is a development finance institution and agency of the U.S. federal government. To obtain funding from DFC, interested applicants must complete a comprehensive and complex application. Companies with a lack of knowledge in business and financial modeling can struggle to complete the application in an effective manner. DFC is looking to supply these companies with resources, such as business advisory firms that can assist with the application process.

This report outlines a set of six criteria drawn from research and interviews that DFC can use to evaluate entities and assess their capabilities as business advisors. It also proposes additional recommendations to increase DFC awareness in South Africa and establish an effective network to link business advisory firms with companies applying for funding.

Policy brief (pdf)


  • Authors: Benjamin Eidler, John O’Malley, Adam Riley, and Megan Shaw
  • Client: United States International Development Finance Corporation
  • Course: Spring 2023 Workshop in International Public Affairs, PA 860, taught by Greg Nemet

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