PA 974 International Development Policy

This course will discuss the history of global income disparities and development policy, consider case studies of successful and unsuccessful aid projects, and look at the effectiveness of various policies, such as family planning programs, infrastructure development projects, human capital interventions, conditional cash transfers, property rights reforms, and the alleviation of credit constraints.

PA 974 International Program Evaluation

This course provides an overview of program evaluation, the practice of assessing the efficacy of policy initiatives, with an emphasis on international applications. A primary concern when evaluating a program is ensuring that estimates reflect the causal impact of the program, so we will discuss various strategies for addressing this challenge, including: randomized clinical trials, fixed effects, pre-post designs, difference-in-differences, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity, and propensity score matching.

PA 974 Politics of State Policy Issues

In this seminar we will focus on a number of important and pressing areas of state governmental policy, including health care, early childhood and K-12 education, higher education, the environment and energy, economic development, budget and taxes, criminal and juvenile justice and poverty.