Manthe retires, Henning and Woodbridge join staff

Financial specialist Cindy Manthe retired after a nearly 11-year career at the La Follette School. Stepping into her shoes are payment coordinator Dan Woodbridge and funds manager Tracy Henning.

“Cindy was a joy to work with,” shared the school’s administrator, Megan Stritchko (MPA ’09). “She has an infectious positivity and eagerly supported her colleagues and our students.”

Manthe joined the La Follette School in September 2010 as a university services associate before transitioning to a financial specialist role in 2012. She retired in September 2021 as a financial specialist senior.

During her career, Cindy helped manage the school’s financial accounts, including transactions related to the $10 million Kohl Initiative. She also processed student scholarships and oversaw purchasing and reimbursement.

Cindy’s role has been filled by two new staff: payment coordinator Dan Woodbridge and funds manager Tracy Henning.

Woodbridge, who joined the La Follette staff in November 2021, is the first point of contact for purchasing. With over 10 years of state service, Woodbridge has worked for the Department of Public Instruction and the Wisconsin Technical College System Board.

Before joining the La Follette School, Woodbridge was an administrative assistant for the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at UW–Madison. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from UW–Milwaukee.

Henning started her new role in January 2022 as the La Follette School’s funds manager. She oversees the school’s accounts and assists in fund reconciliation. In her previous position at UW–Madison’s School of Education, Henning was the financial specialist for the student services department.

Henning also supported the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, the Waisman Early Childhood Program, and other Waisman Center initiatives.