La Follette participates in event focused on serving across differences

In July, La Follette staff, faculty, and alumni attended an event focused on facilitating civil policy conversations in Washington, D.C. The event, which was co-hosted by American University and the Volcker Alliance in collaboration with the La Follette School and other public affairs representatives from Carnegie Mellon University, Pepperdine University, the University of Arkansas, and the University of Missouri, brought together alumni to practice civil discourse and connect with others committed to public service. It was a wonderful opportunity for La Follette to connect with its extensive Washington, D.C. alumni network and learn best practices in facilitating conversations across political divides.

The La Follette School recently received a Next Generation Service Corps. grant from the Volcker Alliance that will allow the school to build infrastructure around its undergraduate certificate programs in public policy and health policy and will give La Follette students access to a nationwide network of students who are passionate about public service.

Alumni stand around a high table, socializing at an event
La Follette alumni from left to right: Madeline Morgan (MPA ’19), Kyle Stanley (MPA ’19) Avneesh Chandra (MIPA ’19), Hannah Stewart (MIPA ’21), Katherine Sydor (MPA ’12)
Alum Kyle Stanley and another participant talking
Kyle Stanley (MPA ’19, left) talks with another participant
While seated at a table, Eric Stanchfield talks to an attendee
Eric Stanchfield (MA ’82, right) talks with another event attendee
Susan Webb Yackee walking into a room during the event
La Follette School Director Susan Webb Yackee
Mark Hadley speaks to an attendee across the table
Mark Hadley (MA ’97, left) with Volcker Alliance president Sara Modulescu (right)
Hannah Stewart gestures while talking to other attendees at the table.
Hannah Stewart (MIPA ’21)
Madeline Morgan talks to other attendees at the table, including Mike Fasano
Mike Fasano (MA ’71, left) and Madeline Morgan (MPA ’19, center)
Lisa Ellinger chats with another event participant seated next to her.
The La Follette School’s director of strategic initiatives, Lisa Ellinger (MPA ’03, left), talks with another participant
Andrew Merluzzi gestures while talking to other attendees seated nearby.
Andrew Merluzzi (MPA ’18)

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