Badger Talks series features La Follette School faculty

La Follette School faculty members Christine Durrance, Greg Nemet, Morgan Edwards, and Philipp Koellinger

In the mood for a little public policy over lunch? Join La Follette School professors Christine Durrance, Greg Nemet, Morgan Edwards, and Philipp Koellinger for their noon-time virtual talks this August, sponsored by Badger Talks LIVE.

Aimed at the general public, this special La Follette Focus series is designed to answer a fundamental question: What is public policy and why should you care about it?

  • Big Questions in Health Policy, Tuesday, Aug. 10: Associate Professor Christine Durrance breaks down basic issues in health policy and explains some of the big questions she’s trying to answer in her research. She will touch on maternal and infant health and on substance use, violence, and other risky behavior.
  • Climate Solutions, Tuesday, Aug. 17: Professor Greg Nemet and Assistant Professor Morgan Edwards will provide highlights of their current work on climate solutions—from technologies like solar panels and heat pumps to policies that accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. They’ll also preview the upcoming La Follette Forum: Climate Policy on October 6.
  • Our Genes Have a Story to Tell, Tuesday, Aug. 31: Professor Philipp Koellinger explains how genes are linked to behavior, socioeconomic status, and health, and the interconnection between genes and environments. He also contemplates a future with genetic data everywhere and explains how the role of genetic luck limits the amount of credit or blame people deserve for the things that happen in life.

Badger Talks LIVE helps spread the Wisconsin Idea across the state by inviting state residents to listen to UW–Madison experts discuss topics they care about and share the latest discoveries by faculty, staff, and students.