Alumni news – December 2023

Constance Chucholowski (MIPA ’14) joined the supervisory board for wechange eG, a cooperative organization that creates privacy-oriented, open-source technology solutions for organizations. Chucholowski is the founder and managing director of Candid Public Affairs in Berlin, Germany.

Austin Frerick (MPA ’14) wrote a book that will be released in March titled Barons: Money, Power, and the Corruption of America’s Food Industry. The book tells the story of the rise to power of seven influential leaders in the food system. Eric Schlosser, New York Times bestselling author of Fast Food Nation, wrote the foreword, in which he called Barons “an urgently important book.” Frerick is a fellow of the Thurman Arnold Project at Yale University.

Sara Eskrich (MPA ’15) was interviewed by WisPolitics about ranked-choice voting and overcoming political polarization. In the interview, Eskrich, who is the executive director of Democracy Found, argues that ranked choice voting has proven successful in other states such as Alaska, and that final five, a subset of ranked choice voting, would also decrease the odds that candidates who mostly appeal to their party’s extremes end up on the general election ballot.

Nova Tebbe (MPA ’22) attended the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai and blogged about her experience on Substack. Tebbe is currently completing her PhD in environment and resources through the UW–Madison Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. She will serve as a teaching assistant for La Follette’s course PA 201: Introduction to Health Policy in the U.S. in the spring.

Hope Karnopp (certificate in public policy ’23) started a new role as a trending politics reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In this position, she will break news, fact-check for PolitiFact Wisconsin, create multimedia content, write explainers, and dive deep into the impacts of policy. Previously, Karnopp worked as a fellow for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. While completing her bachelor’s degree in journalism at UW–Madison, she worked as an editor, podcast director, and news manager for the student newspaper The Daily Cardinal.

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