144 alumni and friends support students on Day of the Badger

Thank you to our 144 Day of the Badger donors

For the third year in a row, La Follette School alumni and friends rallied to support students during Day of the Badger.

Thank you to the 144 donors who helped the school unlock a generous $20,000 challenge gift created by alum Kevin Hayden (MA ’84). Over $45,000 was raised during the event.

“The La Follette School is so grateful for Kevin Hayden for his exciting challenge and to our amazing community alumni and supporters who pitched in to support our students,” said Director and Professor Susan Webb Yackee.

Board of Visitors member Michael Youngman (MA ’82) and his wife JoAnn donated $10,000 during the event, which led the La Follette School to tie with the Chancellor’s Annual Fund in the largest gift challenge. The Youngmans were instrumental in previous Day of the Badger challenges.

The La Follette School’s graduating classes also got competitive. The Class of 2018 had the highest percentage of Day of the Badger donors at over 20%. However, in a surprising twist, the class of 1967 reached a 50% donation rate due to its much smaller class size. In 1967, the La Follette School’s predecessor, the Center for the Study of Public Policy and Administration, was a newly created part of the Department of Political Science.

“While the Class of 2018 remains the four-time champion of the La Follette School graduating class competition, we are thrilled to see so many alumni getting involved,” said Associate Director Steve Kulig. “Congratulations to both!”

Photos of students writing cards and posing for pictures with signs
Students wrote thank you cards to donors and took pictures for social media during a Day of the Badger student event.

The school also hosted a Day of the Badger event for students for the first time since 2019. Students Carlos Puga, TJ Espino McGurran, and Natalia Borowska helped plan a day of thank you card writing, photo opportunities, food, and more.

Since 2019, gifts from Day of the Badger have funded application fee waivers, scholarships, and paid assistantships for La Follette School graduate students from groups underrepresented in higher education.

The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association coordinates the annual campuswide event. Day of the Badger’s 1,848-minute duration represents the university’s founding in 1848.

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