PA 327 Administrative Internship

Routinely offered: This course is offered every semester.

Provides students with opportunities for learning and working in organizations that integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Students will gain valuable applied experience and make professional connections in the field of public policy, apply concepts and practice problem solving-skills learned during the Certificate in Public Policy and Certificate in Health Policy experience, build a network of contacts, and explore possible career choices. Engage with a wide range of people about their jobs, views, backgrounds, and experiences. Encourages students engage in active reflection on this experience and self-assessment through written assignments, reflections, and readings to help students make the most of their internships. PA 327 is offered all semesters, including summer, and is a remote/asynchronous course. Please do not email the instructor for approval to add this course.  You must follow steps 1-6 listed below.  

Recent Syllabi

Mauer Syllabus Fall 2023 (pdf)
Michaud Syllabus Spring 2023(pdf)

Requirements to enroll

Students who wish to enroll in the course and receive credit for an internship must:

  1. Search and apply for internships
    1. Many internship opportunities can be found on the La Follette School website but you are not limited to these
    2. Students who have been accepted into either certificate also have access to the “Purple Google Sheet” of internships which are curated specifically for La Follette students. If you are not yet a student, please contact the Director of Career and Employer Services to be granted access
    3. If in doubt about whether or not your internship will meet La Follette School requirements, email the Director of Career and Employer Services
  2. Accept an internship offer
  3. Fill out the PA 327 Internship Agreement Form
    1. Email the completed electronic form to your site supervisor for their approval and ask them to return the form to the Director of Career and Employer Services
    2. If they return it to you, please make sure that you forward it
  4. Get the form approved – Once received the Career Director will review the form and, if approved, will notify you and the La Follette School’s Student Services Associate, who will give the student permission to enroll in the course. NOTE: PA 327 (or an alternative listed below) must be taken concurrently with your internship in order to earn credit towards the certificate.
  5. Enroll through the Student Center by the add deadline
  6. At the end of the course, all students will complete a summary of the internship experience (See La Follette Internship Summary) to be posted anonymously to the school’s website

Learn more about the enrollment process (PDF), including tips and resources to help with your internship search.

PA 327 satisfies the internship & fieldwork component of the Certificate in Public Policy. and the Certificate in Health Policy. PA 327 is a remote/asynchronous course offered during the fall, spring, and summer terms.

Certificate in Public Policy students can also satisfy the internship & fieldwork component by taking Political Science 315: Legislative Internship which is offered throughout the academic year, or by completing the Wisconsin in Washington program. If you plan to take Political Science 315 and want to ensure your internship course will count for the course, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.


Jennie Mauer
Mary Michaud

Internship Support

The Kohl Public Policy Internship Scholarship provides financial support to students who sign up to take Public Affairs 327: Administrative Internship along with a policy-related (if unsure please contact the Career Services Director) summer internship. The scholarship is intended cover tuition for taking PA 327 whether you are in-state, out of state, or international. The availability of and demand for funds vary each year; thus, the number awards may also vary. Students should not accept internships with the expectation of receiving a scholarship. Note that you must enroll in PA 327 to be considered for a scholarship.   To apply please watch your email for the announcement (opens every March/April).