PA 274 Workshop in Public Policy

Commonly offered: This course is very likely to be offered in the next one to three years.

This course serves two purposes. One is to enable students to create a public policy case study and the other is to enable them to analyze case studies for their effectiveness in presenting data and information about specific government agencies so that students can assess the overall operations and performance of actual agencies. Students will research an agency, collect relevant information, analyze that information, write the case study and prepare a presentation of the study to the class.

Additionally, students will learn how to read and analyze existing case studies and determine how these cases can guide optimal decision making by policy makers. Connecting case studies to modeling methods and organizational decision making are also outcomes of this course.

The course will be delivered by classroom instruction, direct individual consultation with the instructor and peer review sessions by and for students themselves.


Eric Bolland 

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Spring 2024 Syllabus
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