Shushan Xu, MIPA


Wuhan, China

Undergraduate education

Double degree in social work (Central China Normal University) and finance (Wuhan University)

Why the La Follette School?

I was attracted to the La Follette School because of its expertise in social policy, small class size, flexible courses structure, and family-like atmosphere.

Expected graduation date

May 2019. In addition to my master’s degree in international public affairs, I will receive a certificate in energy analysis and policy.

Summer internship

I worked as an assistant manager in a financial leasing firm.

Internship responsibilities

I was responsible for conducting industry analysis, doing preliminary risk evaluation for the prospective client, and writing the draft due diligence report. I analyzed an investment company’s operating conditions and credit, and I wrote a due diligence report for the manager.

Client-Based Project

PA 881 Cost and Benefits Analysis. Four other students and I did a cost benefit analysis (CBA) for the World Bank. We were asked to do a CBA for a tree-planting project that was going to be implemented in northern Ghana. We concluded that it was a worthwhile project because it would generate considerable benefits to local farmers as well as the climate.

Academic/career mentor

My academic advisor, Mo O’Connor, helps me a lot with course selection and career planning. She makes me feel at ease when I have course selection problems because she knows the exact answers and can provide very practical suggestions. When I am confused about something else, she can always guide me to the right people or information platforms.

Advice for prospective La Follette School students

Choose your interested field according to your interests and build your skills by carefully selecting your courses and certificate or double degree programs, finding internships, and networking.

Most rewarding La Follette School experience

At the La Follette School, I am able to choose a lot of cross-listed courses and learn a lot of multi- disciplinary knowledge.

Anything else?

I love playing basketball. My favorite movies are Interstellar and Lord of War.