Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

PA 827 Administrative Internship (*)


Students may receive up to three graduate course credits by successfully completing PA 827 Administrative Internship. Enrollment may be during the fall, spring, or summer terms, and must be approved by the Career Services Coordinator. Students assume responsibility for any travel and housing arrangements associated with an internship that requires relocation. Students who wish to enroll in the course and receive credit for an internship must:

  1. Search and apply for internships (many internship opportunities are on the La Follette School website). 
  2. Accept an internship offer.
  3. Fill out the PA 827 Administrative Internship Agreement form, and email the completed electronic form (fillable pdf) to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    The Career Services Coordinator will review the form and, if approved, will notify the student and the La Follette School’s Student Services Associate, who will give the student permission to enroll in the course.

  4. Determine the appropriate number of credits for PA 827 based on the work hour guidelines below.
  5. Enroll through the Student Center by the add deadline

With approval from the Career Services Coordinator, students may enroll in PA 827 for 1 to 3 credits, meeting the following minimum work hour guidelines:

  • 3 credits: minimum of 320 hours over at least eight weeks
  • 2 credits: minimum of 240 hours over at least six weeks
  • 1 credit: minimum of 160 hours over at least four weeks

PA 827 is graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Students complete a 2,500-word paper on policy or public management issues related to the internship. The purpose of the internship paper is to allow a student to reflect on his/her internship experience and to apply his/her theoretical and course-based knowledge to the internship responsibilities. 

Students also complete a 250-word summary of their experience (see PA 827 Administrative Internship Summary Form), which will be posted on the La Follette School website.

For additional, important details about PA 827, including paper guidelines, students should consult Section 10.2 of the Student Handbook, Internship Credit.

Summer Internship Support

The La Follette School Summer Public Affairs Learning Experience Award Program encourages students to strengthen their career preparedness and broaden their placement opportunities by actively seeking rewarding and prestigious internships in federal government agencies, international organizations, or national offices of non-governmental organizations, when these internships offer little or no salary compensation. The support is intended to defray some, but not all, of the higher costs of investing in these sorts of internship experiences in Washington, D.C., New York City, other major metropolitan areas in the United States and foreign countries. Summer internship support funds are limited. Students are encouraged to invest in the most suitable experience to advance their career goals, even if they are not selected for an award. To receive internship support, students must enroll in and pay tuition for PA 827 Administrative Internship.

Students should refer to the Student Handbook, section 10.3, La Follette School Summer Internship Support for full program details and requirements.

Summer 2021 Syllabus


(*) = Routinely Offered

(**) = Commonly Offered (very likely to be offered in the next one to three years)