Yackee, Susan Webb

Susan Webb Yackee is Director of the La Follette School of Public Affairs and a Collins-Bascom Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Weimer , David L.

David Weimer is the Edwin E. Witte Professor of Political Economy. His research focuses broadly on policy craft and institutional design. Although most of his recent research has addressed issues in health policy, he has done policy-relevant research in the areas of energy security, natural resource policy, education, criminal justice, and research methods.

Milton, Ross

Ross Milton is an Assistant Professor of Public Affairs. His research focuses on the political economy and public finance of state and local taxes.

Johnson, Tana

Tana Johnson’s work is driven by big puzzles in international relations and by important problems in the real world.

Teodoro, Manuel P.

Professor Manny Teodoro’s research focuses on U.S. environmental policy and implementation, including empirical analyses of environmental justice.