Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

The La Follette School gives the Director's Achievement Award at graduation to recognize a student for her or his outstanding academic record. The major criterion for the award is grade-point average, but the graduating student also must demonstrate evidence of being an outstanding public policy thinker and communicator. The school started the award in 1991, when Bob Haveman ended his term as director. 


Eleanor Pratt, 2020
Benjamin McBride, 2019
Ryan LeCloux, Mia Nafziger 2018
Miranda Ehrlich, Kirsten Jacobson, 2017
Drew McDermott, 2016
Kyle Schroeckenthaler, Eric O'Shaughnessy, 2015
Dan Marlin, Michaela Meckel, 2014
Miriam Palmer, 2013
Hope Harvey, 2012
Patrick (Paco) Fuchs and Lara Rosen, 2011
Lilly Shields, 2010
Lauren Benditt and Collin O'Rourke, 2009
Sam Austin, Andria Hayes-Birchler, Joe Fontaine and David Stepien, 2008
Dani Fumia, Yeri Lopez, Matt Steinberg, 2007
Maureen Quinn, 2006
Hilary Shager, 2005
Michelle Woolery, 2004
Michael Krafve, 2003
Rachel Walker, 2002
Danielle Tandiwe Jones, 2001
Danielle Salus, 2000
Heidi Normandin, 1998