Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Understanding Self-Directed Care in Wisconsin: A Comparison of IRIS and Family Care Programs

IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) is a self-directed long-term-care program offered by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. This report examines the differences between participants in IRIS and Family Care (a Wisconsin managed care program), both of which serve frail elderly people and people with physical or developmental disabilities. The authors identify differences between the programs and provide recommendations based on their results. Presentation slides

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Workshop in Public Affairs, Public Affairs 869, taught by Andrew Reschovsky in Spring 2010
  • Author(s): Grant Cummings, Patric Hernandez, Jerrett Jones, Andrew Kell, and Jacob Schindler
  • Client Name: the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Long Term Care