Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report Spring 2016

  • Births from Unintended Pregnancies Associated with Mother’s Later-in-life Depressive Symptoms
    Professor Pamela Herd and coauthors examine health effects on women who give birth after unintended pregnancy.
  • Evidence Supports Link Between Family’s Economic Resources and Children’s Noncognitive Skills
    Study results from Professors Jason Fletcher and Barbara Wolfe suggest important deficits in a wide variety of socio-emotional skills at school-entry for children from low-income households and problem behaviors
  • Understanding the Eurozone Crisis: A Political Economy Analysis
    Associate Professor Mark Copelovitch says a true understanding of the causes and consequences of the Euro crisis requires an integration of economic and political analyses.
  • Requiring Personal Finance Courses in High School Can Benefit Young People
    A study by Associate Professor J. Michael Collins and his coauthors strongly suggests that requiring personal finances courses in high school have financial benefits for young people.
  • The Need for Countercyclical Energy Policy
    Associate Professor Gregory Nemet and colleagues offer a proposal to address boom-and-bust energy policy.
  • Influence and the Administrative Process: Lobbying the U.S. Office of Management and Budget
    In their study, Professor Susan Webb Yackee and doctoral student Simon Haeder find that more interest-group lobbying is associated with more regulatory change.

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  • Volume or issue no.: Policy Report Spring 2016