Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report Spring 2011

  • Sound Analysis Essential to Easing Uncertainty about Economy, Policies
    Carolyn Heinrich explores role of analysis in evaluating effects of policy. Page 1
  • U.S. Health-Care Reform: A Primer and an Assessment
    Robert Haveman and Barbara Wolfe outline background, expectations of federal health-care law. Page 1
  • Wisconsin Poverty Report: New Measure, Broader View
    Joanna Marks, Julia Isaacs, Timothy Smeeding, and Katherine Thornton describe initial results of using a new method for measuring poverty that includes tax credits and public benefits as well as income. Two longer companion reports — Wisconsin Poverty Report: Methodology and Results for 2008 and Wisconsin Poverty Report: Technical Appendix — are available from the Institute for Research on Poverty. Technical resources for those interested in adapting the measure are also online. Page 6
  • Red Tape: Rethinking and Expanding the Study of Administrative Rules
    Donald P. Moynihan and other scholars plan their research agenda. Page 9
  • Voting Early, but Not So Often
    As part of the Election Administration Project, Barry Burden, David Canon, Kenneth Mayer and Donald P. Moynihan explore effects of early voting. Page 11
  • Federal Rulemaking and Agency Performance
    Susan Webb Yackee and Jason Webb Yackee find that federal procedures do not necessarily slow rulemaking. Page 14

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Vol. 20, No. 2