Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report Spring 2010

  • Director's Perspective: Generating Better Evidence on Costs, Benefits of Policies
    Carolyn Heinrich discusses the role of evidence-based policymaking in social policy. Page 1
  • The Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Social Policy
    Aidan R. Vining and David L. Weimer describe a method to inform use of public resources and assess policy impacts. Page 1
  • Implications of Climate Policy in a Carbon-Intensive Region
    JP Muller and Greg Nemet outline what Wisconsin faces as our climate changes. Page 5
  • The Income and Health Effects of Tribal Casino Gaming on American Indians
    Analysis by Barbara Wolfe, Jessica Jakubowski, Robert Haveman, and Marissa Courey finds that a person's association with an American Indian tribe that operates casinos leads to higher income, fewer risky health behaviors, better physical health, and increased access to health care. Page 11
  • Stepping Stone or Dead End? The Effect of the EITC on Earnings Growth
    Molly Dahl, Thomas DeLeire, and Jonathan Schwabish find that recipients of Earned Income Tax Credit do experience earnings growth and do not get stuck in dead-end jobs. Page 15

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Vol. 19, No. 2