Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report Higher Education Issue, Spring 2009

  • Director's Perspective: Growing Importance of Higher Ed for Economic Well-Being
    Carolyn Heinrich notes that higher education should become more accessible and more affordable when the economy slows down. Page 1
  • Differences in Higher Education: Investments, Costs, and Outcomes
    Timothy Smeeding examines the links between socioeconomic status and college attendance, then makes some policy suggestions for the United States based on what goes on in other countries. Page 1
  • The 'Payback' from a College Degree
    Robert Haveman describes the new web-based calculator that lets potential university students compare their lifetime earnings with just a high school diploma to those gained after completing a University of Wisconsin–Madison degree. Page 5
  • Accreditation as Self-Regulation: Past, Present, and Future
    Former University of Wisconsin–Madison chancellor John Wiley outlines the importance of accreditation and self-review in attracting students and serving the general public. Page 8
  • Is the University of Wisconsin–Madison Becoming More Elite? A Partial Answer
    A new analysis of census and University of Wisconsin–Madison admissions data by Barbara Wolfe and John Witte finds that family income does not affect the campus' decision to admit a student. Page 10

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Vol. 18, No. 2