Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report Fall 2010

  • Modern-day Slavery Fight Draws on Many Disciplines
    Carolyn Heinrich describes conference convened by La Follette School. Page 1
  • Policy and Practice of Financial Literacy and Financial Security
    J. Michael Collins outlines how campus center is championing financial security. Page 1
  • Personal Health Records: Supporting Meaningful Uses of Health Information Technology — by the Patients
    Patricia Flatley Brennan and Edmond Ramly emphasize the need for technology that allows patients to record and share health date. Page 5
  • La Follette School Symposium on Modern-Day Slavery
    A summary of the April 30, 2010, proceedings. Page 9
  • Impact of Federal Policies on Wisconsin Efforts to Fight Human Trafficking.
    Marianna Smirnova explores how Wisconsin policy to stop slavery has taken shape. Page 10
  • Uncovering the Hidden Crime of Modern-Day Slavery: Lessons Learned from Measuring the Extent of Human Trafficking in Wisconsin
    Karina Silver describes the process of surveying social-service providers and justice system agencies as a way of measuring the extent of human trafficking in Wisconsin. Page 12

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Vol. 20, No. 1