Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report Fall 2009

  • Director's Perspective: Restoring Confidence, Economic Growth
    Carolyn Heinrich discusses the key role of research and analysis in guiding policy in times of economic upheaval. Page 1
  • Reflections on the Causes and Consequences of the Debt Crisis of 2008
    Menzie Chinn and Jeffry Frieden look at what fueled the global economic crisis. Page 1
  • What the Stimulus Package Says about President Obama's Plans for Health Care Reform
    Pamela Herd suggests what can be expected in terms of health care reform. Page 6
  • Putting Community Colleges First
    Sara Goldrick-Rab demonstrates why two-year campuses need a greater federal investment. Page 8
  • The Impact of the Economic Crisis on State Governments
    Andrew Reschovsky outlines the fiscal health of state governments and their prospects for the future. Page 12

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Vol. 19, No. 1