Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report Fall 2005-Winter 2006

  • Director's Perspective: Hurricane Response, Political Scandals Challenge Public's Trust in Government
    Donald Nichols notes that allegations of political corruption and responses to natural disasters may lead people to question their trust in the government. Page 1
  • Welfare Patterns after the Welfare Revolution
    Maria Cancian, Daniel R. Meyer, and Chi-Fang Wu examine the effect of policy changes on how families use welfare cash benefits, food stamps and Medicaid. Page 1
  • Ensuring A Minimum: Social Security Reform and Women
    Pamela Herd explores how three approaches to reforming Social Security would affect women. Page 3
  • The Current Account Deficit: Causes and Challenges
    Menzie Chinn charts why the United States might want to worry about its increasing deficits. Page 17
  • Can Technology Reinvigorate Citizen Participation? Lessons from the Digital Town Hall Meeting
    Computer technology can use advance citizen input into governmental planning and decision-making. Donald Moynihan looks at cases in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Page 21

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Vol. 15, No. 2