Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Policy Report 25th Anniversary Issue, Fall 2008

25th Anniversary Issue

  • Director's Perspective: La Follette School Builds on University's Dedication to Public Service
    In honor of the La Follette School's 25th anniversary, Carolyn Heinrich explores the La Follette School's history and role. Page 1
  • The Wisconsin Idea and the La Follette School
    Robert Haveman shares a history of the Wisconsin Idea and situates the La Follette School within the context of the University of Wisconsin-Madison serving the entire state. Page 3

Health Care

  • Sobering News: How We Can Reduce Wisconsin's Top-Ranked Drinking Problem
    Carolyn Heinrich shows how state policies affect the accessibility and affordability of a pharmaceutical agent for treating alcohol addiction. Page 7
  • BadgerCare Increases Public Health-Care Coverage for Families Leaving Welfare
    Barbara Wolfe finds that more families going off welfare get health-care coverage through state programs. Page 10


  • The Crisis in Funding Public Education in Wisconsin
    Andrew Reschovsky suggests a revision in the formula state lawmakers use to grant state aid to school districts. Page 12
  • The Performance of Charter Schools in Wisconsin
    John Witte explores what kind of students attend charter schools and how that affects their academic achievement. Page 15
  • Public Schools and United Way Close Racial Achievement Gap
    Leslie Ann Howard and Kathy Hubbard describe how a collaboration among university researchers, United Way staff, volunteers, community members, journalists and school district employees closed the racial achievement gap at the third-grade reading level. Page 19


  • New Perspectives on Public Sector Turnover
    Donald Moynihan shares some ideas on how public managers can use social networks and social interactions to retain employees. Page 22
  • Menominee Nation Assessment Project
    Dennis Dresang highlights an analysis the Menominee Nation asked the La Follette School to conduct of its needs and resources. Page 25


  • Housing Subsidies Influence the Recipients' Earnings and Quality of Neighborhood
    Robert Haveman demonstrates how Section 8 housing vouchers help recipients move to better neighborhoods and ultimately increase their earnings. Page 28
  • Child Support Research and Shaping Public Policy
    Maria Cancian describes a 10-year study of Wisconsin's approach to child support for families in the state's cash welfare program, which has helped to shape federal policy taking effect in October 2008. Page 31
  • The Effect of Child Support Enforcement Efforts on Nonmarital Child-Bearing
    Geoffrey Wallace finds that more stringent enforcement of child support does not affect non-marital childbearing. Page 33


  • Students Practice Wisconsin Idea through Public Affairs Workshops
    Terry Shelton reports on the impact of the La Follette School's public affairs workshops and the anlaysis and recommendations our students generate for state agencies, the City of Milwaukee, and elsewhere. Page 35
  • La Follette School Outreach Disseminates Public Policy Research, Education
    Terry Shelton outlines how the La Follette School staff and faculty carry out the Wisconsin Idea. Page 38

Additional Info

  • Volume or issue no.: Vol. 18, No. 1