Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
  • Capitalizing on UW–Madison’s Social Genomics Initiative. Professor Jason Fletcher will lead a team of faculty members to build an infrastructure for pursuing external grant opportunities and academic journal publications related to the La Follette School’s leadership in the science and policy issues stemming from the past decade’s genomics revolution.
  • Leading the U.S. Administrative State, 1964-2018. This project seeks to understand how state agency leaders in the United States make policy-related decisions. The key goals are to generate an objective body of evidence that will help scholars and practitioners better understand how state agency leaders see their roles and identify factors that promote more effective administrative management and policymaking in Wisconsin and other states. Susan Webb Yackee, professor of public affairs and political science
  • The Fund for Wisconsin Scholars: Effects on Labor Market Outcomes and Take-Up of Means-Tested Benefits. This research will leverage the random assignment of a need-based financial aid grant offer (the Fund for Wisconsin Scholars) and several sets of administrative records to provide experimental evidence on the effect of the financial aid offer on students’ post-education economic outcomes. Barbara Wolfe, the Richard A. Easterlin Professor of Economics, Population Health Sciences, and Public Affairs
  • The Impact of Medicare Part D on Retirement Plans. This project aims to examine the effects of Medicare Part D on adult workers’ retirement plans. The researchers focus on retirement plans because they provide important information on observed retirement behavior and on whether retirement is voluntary, which has implications for retirees’ wellbeing and their subsequent return to work. Yang Wang, associate professor of public affairs