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June 26-27, ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

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June 25

See logistics tab if looking for restaurant suggestions for dinner

Day 1: June 26

Location: ESADE Business School (Avenida de Pedralbes, 60-62), Classroom A022, Second Floor, Building 1,

9-10.00 Introduction
Welcome: Angel Saz-Carranza & Marc Esteve
Donald Moynihan, Conceptual Framing of Administrative Burdens

10.00-11.30 Burdens in Access to Education
Rik Peeters, Between eligibility and access: the mechanisms of administrative exclusion in Mexican student grants
Grant Blume, On the frontlines of college access: Navigating the administrative burden of applying to public universities
Respondent: Carolyn Heinrich

11.45-1.00 How People Enact and Experience Burdens: Experimental Approaches
Martin Baekgaard, The Psychology of Administrative Burdens
Richard Walker: Influence of Red Tape on Bureaucratic Decision: Replication and Extension of Scott and Pandey
Respondent: Asmus Olsen

1.00-2.00 Lunch - will be served in the building of the meeting

2.00-3.30 Seeking Help: How Citizens Try to Compel Government to Reduce Burdens
Mark Reijnders, Non-take-up of Social Support in Times of Welfare State Reform: Exploring The Impact Of Bureaucratic Obstacles on Help-Seeking Behavior.
Jennifer Connolly, Unanswered Questions: Why Citizens Are Frustrated with Local Government and What Public Managers Can Do About It
Respondent: Wouter Van Dooren

3.45-4.30 Mechanisms of Institutional Discrimination: A Case Study of the Belgian Police
Babette Gommers & Wouter Van Dooren
Respondent: Donald Moynihan

Dinner: 8.30 Piscolabis Diagonal Restaurant (Diagonal Avenue, 593, 08014 Barcelona)
The reservation is under “ESADE”

Day 2: June 27

9.00-10.30 Burdens in Agricultural Regulation
David Carter: Balancing Barriers to Entry and Administrative Burden in Voluntary Regulation: An Example from the National Organic Program
Blandine Mesnel, Bureaucratic work, mediation and individual experiences of administrative burden: preliminary results on the implementation of the common agricultural policy in France and Spain
Respondent: Angel Saz Carranza

10.45-12.15 Reducing Burdens by Design: Social Security and SNAP
Pam Herd: The History of Social Security
Sabinne Lee: The Impact of Simplified Reporting on Administrative Burden and Fraud:
The Case of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Respondent: Marc Esteve

12.15-1.00 Administrative Burden in U.S. Immigration Policies and its Consequences
Carolyn Heinrich
Respondent: Germa Bel

1.00-2.00 Lunch - will be served in the building of the meeting

2.00-3.00 The Role of Information Technology
Srinivas Yerramsetti, Targeting Cooking Gas Benefits in India: Investigating Administrative Burden and Policy Feedbacks
Respondent: Joao Vasconcelos

3.15-4.15 Mapping out an Agenda
Future meetings? Research ideas?


Please email papers to Don Moynihan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and your respondent by June 1. Papers will be shared via dropbox and an online website (unless you specify not to share them).

To maximize time for discussion, presenters should plan for a 25-minute maximum presentation

Respondents are encouraged to offer thoughts on the papers in their session, but also use the time as an opportunity for broader discussion – 15 minutes maximum response