Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Integration or Disintegration?
The Future of Global Governance and the Global Economy

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Wednesday, April 3, 1 - 6 p.m.
Memorial Union, Tripp Commons
800 Langdon Street

For over seven decades, progressively deeper international economic integration, US hegemony, and institutionalized international cooperation have been the three pillars of the global economy. Yet today, in the wake of the Great Recession and a wave of rising populist nationalism around the world, each of these pillars is under attack.

Dani Rodrik
Dani Rodrik

The future of open trade and globalization has been called into question, as the US and China engage in an escalating trade war and the Trump administration has openly attacked the WTO and other components of the rules-based multilateral trade regime. Likewise, the international institutions that have formed the core of the post-war liberal world order are under strain, and events such as Brexit suggest that less, not more, international cooperation may be the wave of the future.

The La Follette School symposium brings together a distinguished group of scholars and experts to wrestle with these timely topics and questions such as:

  • To what extent are we witnessing the disintegration of globalization and international cooperation?
  • Do recent events represent the failure or change of the current international economic and political order, or are we witnessing change within the current order to accommodate new actors and to solve new problems?
  • What future lies ahead for global governance and the global economy?

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