Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Several La Follette School courses provide students with opportunities to conduct research and analysis, while contributing to the capacity of partner organizations. Through these courses, students live out the Wisconsin Idea – the principle that research at the University of Wisconsin–Madison can and should improve the lives of people in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

The required Workshop in Public Affairs (domestic and international) and other courses match student groups with public, nonprofit, and private organizations to address real-world challenges. While completing these client-based projects, students gain practical experience applying the tools of political, economic, and statistical analysis and evaluation.

Clients range from local, state, and national government offices to international development organizations for whom students produce research-based, analytical, evaluative, and prescriptive reports. Several recent projects, including a study of opioid addition treatment options and research on the costs and benefits of long-term reversible birth control, have received significant attention across numerous audiences.

The following La Follette School courses also provide opportunities for public, nonprofit, and private organizations to work with student groups. More information about these courses and other opportunities is available via the links below or by emailing Associate Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cost-Benefit Analysis (PA 881)

Introduction to Public Management (PA 878)

Performance Management (PA 895)

Workshop in Public Affairs (PA 869)

Workshop in International Public Affairs (PA 860) 

Additional Student Research Papers

Although studying policy analysis is important, there is no substitute for real-world experience for developing policy analysis skills.

About the La Follette School

The La Follette School provides students with a rigorous two-year graduate program leading to a master’s degree in public affairs (MPA) or master’s degree in international public affairs (MIPA). Students study policy analysis and public management, and they may pursue a concentration in a policy area of interest to them.