Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

Sharing information is easier than ever before; however, people are less informed about key public policy issues. “Fake news” has become an excuse to not ground policy discussions in substantive evidence. In response, the La Follette School is partnering with journalists who bring an in-depth approach to understanding the politics and implementation of issues such as poverty, health care, criminal justice, and immigration.

An effective democracy depends upon a healthy media to connect policymakers, researchers, and the public. The Policy + the Press seminar series bridges those connections, bringing to campus respected voices from the media, ranging from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists to up-and-coming reporters, who speak with students, faculty, and community members.

The Public Affairs Journalist in Residence program is sponsored by University Communications, the La Follette School of Public Affairs, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, with support from the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association.

Upcoming and previous writers in residence include:

Fall 2021
David Brooks

Spring 2021
Amy Westervelt

Fall 2020
Maggie Haberman

Fall 2019
Claire Malone, senior political writer at

Spring 2019
Ayesha Rascoe, National Public Radio

Fall 2018
Eric Lipton, The New York Times

Spring 2018
Matthew Yglesias, Vox Media

Fall 2017
Charlie Sykes, former radio host

Fall 2017
Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker

Spring 2017
Yamiche Alcindor, New York Times

Fall 2016
David Weigel, Washington Post

Spring 2016
Jamelle Bouie, chief political correspondent, Slate

Fall 2015
Andy Katz, writer and host for ESPN

Spring 2014
Robert Leger, opinions editor, Arizona Republic

Fall 2013
Riva Froymovich, Economist

Spring 2013
Carrie Johnson, National Public Radio justice correspondent

Fall 2012
Craig Gilbert, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Washington, D.C., bureau chief and national political reporter

Spring 2012
Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post science and policy reporter

Fall 2011
Jeff Gottlieb, senior writer at The Los Angeles Times

Spring 2011
Lowell Bergman, producer and correspondent for the PBS documentary series "Frontline" and the Reva and David Logan Distinguished Professor of Investigative Reporting at the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism

Fall 2010
Manuel Roig-Franzia, Washington Post features writer

Spring 2010
Jeff Zeleny, New York Times

Fall 2009
David T. Barstow, investigative reporter for The New York Times

Spring 2009
Jeanne Cummings, chief lobbying and influence reporter for

Fall 2008
Blake Morrison, deputy enterprise editor at USA TODAY

Spring 2008
Tom Beaumont, chief political correspondent for the Des Moines Register

Fall 2007
Kenneth T. Walsh, the chief White House correspondent for U.S. News & World Report

Spring 2007
Jim VandeHei, executive editor of and former national political writer for the Washington Post

Fall 2006
Walt Bogdanich, investigative reporter and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, The New York Times

Spring 2006
Alexis Simendinger, White House correspondent for The National Journal

Fall 2005
Ron Elving, Washington editor for National Public Radio

Spring 2005
Lynn Sweet, Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times and columnist for The Hill

Fall 2004
Matt Davies, winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning, Westchester Journal News

Spring 2004
John Diamond, intelligence/national security writer, USA Today

Fall 2003
Ed Fouhy, executive director, Pew Center on the States

Spring 2003
Pete Harkness, editor and publisher, Governing magazine

Fall 2002
Charles Todd, editor-in-chief, The Hotline

Spring 2002
Richard Berke, national political correspondent, New York Times

Fall 2001
Ross Ramsey, editor, Texas Weekly