Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

This Spring Symposium offered a discussion of the history of the Wisconsin Idea and its relationship to public policy, with specific examples of how UW-Madison initiatives shaped state, national, and international policy and practice. 

April 26, 2012
Tripp Commons, Memorial Union
Available via WisconsinEye

Noon: The Evolution of the Wisconsin Idea
John Witte, professor of public affairs and political science
Bob Haveman, professor emeritus of public affairs and economics
Thomas DeLeire, director of the La Follette School of Public Affairs; associate professor of public affairs and population health sciences
1 p.m.: At Risk Families: Family Support and Poverty
Child Support Policy: Maria Cancian, associate dean for social sciences in the College of Letters & Science; professor of public affairs and social work 
Measuring Poverty in Wisconsin: Tim Smeeding, Arts and Science Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs; director, Institute for Research on Poverty 
Moderator: George Lightbourn, 1976 alum, president of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute
1:45 p.m.: Financial Policy
The Great Recession: Menzie Chinn, professor of public affairs and economics
Financial Literacy: J. Michael Collins, assistant professor of Consumer Science; director of the Center for Financial Security
Moderator: Eric Fine, La Follette School advisory board member, Portfolio manager, Van Eck G-175 Strategies
2:30 p.m.: Wisconsin as Laboratory
Wisconsin Longitudinal Study – Implications for Public Health: Pamela Herd, co-director, Wisconsin Longitudinal Study; associate professor of public affairs and sociology 
Climate Change and Wisconsin Agriculture:
 Christopher Kucharik, assistant professor of agronomy and environmental studies
Moderator: Donald Moynihan, associate director, La FOllette School of Public Affairs
3:15 p.m.: Student Policy Analysts
Students present examples of outreach and applied policy work: 
Bethany Ackeret, MPA; Linda Collins, MIPA; Elizabeth Hartjes, MIPA; H.J. Waukau, MIPA.
Moderator: David Weimer, professor, La Follette School
4 p.m.: The Future of the Wisconsin Idea: How should a world-class public university continue to exemplify the ideals of the Wisconsin Idea? This panel will consider major challenges that must be faced in the coming years, as well as potential models that will ensure continued relevance. 

Keynote Panel:  Chancellor David Ward; and former chancellor John Wiley, professor of public affairs, and educational leadership and policy analysis