Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

The Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development (BILLD) was started in 1995 by Virginia Thrall, then director of the Midwestern Office of the Council of State Governments, and Professor Peter Eisinger, then director of the former La Follette Institute at UW–Madison.

More than 760 lawmakers from 11 states and four Canadian provinces, including 60 Wisconsin legislators, participated in BILLD during the 21 years that the La Follette School hosted the five-day educational experience.

The purpose of BILLD is to help newer legislators develop the skills necessary to become effective leaders, informed decision-makers, and astute policy analysts. Through the program, lawmakers explore issues with nationally renowned scholars, professional development experts, and legislative leaders and colleagues from across the region.

Participants attend seminars on a variety of topics, including conflict resolution, negotiation, media relations, priority management, and consensus-building. They also participate in policy sessions on issues such as education, corrections, health care, and economic development.

Alumni who are Current and Former Wisconsin Legislators

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin, 1996
Rep. Joan A. Ballweg, 2007
Mr. Chuck Benedict, 2006
Ms. Penny Bernard Schaber, 2009
Rep. Jill Billings, 2012
Rep. David Bowen, 2016
Rep. Mary Czaja, 2013
Sen. Alberta Darling, 1995
Sen. Paul Farrow, 2012
Mr. Jason M. Fields, 2005
Mr. Donald Friske, 2002
Ms. Pam Galloway, 2011
Rep. Evan Goyke, 2015
Rep. Gary A. Hebl, 2008
Mr. Tom Hebl, 1997
Mr. Mark Honadel, 2004
Mr. Randy Hopper, 2010
Mr. Ann Hraychuck, 2008
Ms. Jean Hundertmark, 2002
Ms. Suzanne Jeskewitz, 1997
Sen. La Tonya A. Johnson, 2013
Rep. Andy Jorgensen, 2010
Sen. Neal J. Kedzie, 1997
Ms. Carol Kelso, 1995
Rep. Steve Kestell, 2000
Mr. Pat Kreitlow, 2008
Rep. Mike Kuglitsch, 2012
Sen. Mary Lazich, 1999
Rep. Amy Loudenbeck, 2014
Sen. Howard Marklein, 2011
Ms. Terri McCormick, 2002
Sen. Mark Miller, 1999

Mr. Louis J. Molepske, Jr., 2007
Sen. Terry Moulton, 2005
Mr. William Murat, 1995
Rep. Adam Neylon, 2014
Ms. Ann M. Nischke, 2004
Sen. Luther Olsen, 1996
Rep. Jim Ott, 2008
Ms. Sandy Pasch, 2009
Rep. Sondy Pope, 2003
Ms. Kitty Rhoades, 2001 
Mr. Jon Richards, 2000
Sen. Janis Ringhand, 2013
Rep. Keith Ripp, 2010
Rep. Jessie Rodriguez, 2015
Rep. Michael K. Rohrkaste, 2016
Ms. Kelda Helen Roys, 2009
Rep. Melissa Sargent, 2014
Ms. Donna J. Seidel, 2006
Sen. Jennifer Shilling, 2001
Rep. Christine Sinicki, 2001
Mr. Jeff Stone, 2000 
Ms. Pat Strachota, 2006
Rep. Amanda Stuck, 2015
Rep. Lisa Subeck, 2016
Sen. Lena C. Taylor, 2007
Ms. Barbara L. Toles, 2006
Ms. Amy Sue Vruwink, 2003
Sen. Leah Vukmir, 2003
Ms. Joan Wade, 1999 
Ms. Mary Williams, 2005
Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa, 2011